Saving for a Purpose

Videos: Saving

The following videos cover saving strategies to plan for your future. Saving Matters Bank Accounts Budgets Ways to Save During Tax Time Make the Most of Your Tax Refund
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Are You Laddering Your CD Maturities?

Shorter-term certificates offer more flexibility, but usually with lower rates. You could get higher rates with longer-term maturities, but what happens if rates go up even more? Choosing a combination of maturities can combine the best of both…

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Save for Your Retirement

Add $50,000, $100,000 or even $500,000 to Your Retirement Savings Your personal savings are one of the four building blocks of a financially secure retirement along with your company's retirement…
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Year Round Tax Savings Strategies

Here are some ideas that you can use throughout the year to make April 15th less taxing: Be organized. Having your records in a usable manner will make preparing your return…
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The Importance of Saving

There are many things to consider when saving for the future. The most fundamental factors are to save early and save more. No one can control interest rates or accurately…
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Health Savings Accounts

We all need health insurance and we all would like to save money and reduce taxes. Health Savings Accounts can help with all of those objectives. Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)…
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Choosing the Right Checking Account

The foundation of most people’s finances is their checking account.  It is usually the account where paychecks are deposited and from which most checks are written.  Spending a little time…
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Building a Savings Nest-Egg

Saving doesn’t have to be impossible.

Unexpected expenses or the temptations of shopping can make even the best plans unsuccessful. Yet having a financial cushion is one of the most important things you can do to feel financially secure. Learn some key ideas to help.

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