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Financial Library

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your finances.

The primary mission of the Financial Fitness Association can be summed up in one word: education.

It is our job to give you the tools —the knowledge— to effectively manage, protect and conserve your money at every stage of your life.

We do this in several ways. One way is by providing to our members an extensive online library of articles written by some of the foremost financial experts in the nation… respected authors with proven track records in topics like:

  • Organizing your finances so nothing falls through the cracks
  • Saving money on major—and not-so-major—purchases
  • Preparing for a comfortable retirement
  • What types of investments make sense for you
  • How to comfortably prepare for your children’s college tuition
  • How to avoid paying too much for a new car
  • Intelligent home mortgages that can save you thousands
  • and many more.
We are constantly researching trends, new developments, and the latest techniques in personal money management, and every month we’ll post provocative new articles that will help you stay financially fit in today’s rapidly changing environment.

Members also have access to our extensive archives, sorted by topic, so you can find good advice and helpful tips on the most common financial challenges we all face… plus a few that aren’t so common.

Membership Opportunities

One of the valuable benefits of being a member of the Financial Fitness Association is you are also eligible to join one of the following financial institutions.

Credit Unions offer a wide range of financial services and products with competitive rates on savings and loans. If you’re not located near a physical branch, they also provide many online services to meet their members needs including online banking, automatic payment options, telephone banking, and more.

For information about their full range of products and services, or for current rates on loans and savings accounts please visit their websites.


Tomorrow’s coming. We’ll help you be ready by emailing you quarterly newsletters on timely and relevant information right to your inbox.

Consider these statistics:

  • 57% of American workers report less than $25,000 in total savings.
  • 28% of Americans believe they will never be able to retire.
  • One-third of retirees 65 and older live exclusively on Social Security—an average of $1262 per month.
  • The average cost of attending college at a public institution is over $13,000 per year. For private schools, between $23,000 and $36,000. Every year.
These are frightening numbers. But, there is one simple reason why so many Americans will never enjoy a pleasant retirement, be able to send their children to college, or indulge themselves in a lavish vacation: They didn’t plan ahead.

The Financial Fitness Association is dedicated to making sure you have the knowledge and tools to be ready for whatever tomorrow brings. Our quarterly newsletters provide you timely information right in your inbox to ensure you're ready for tomorrow.

A comfortable retirement, higher education, a secure lifestyle does not require great wealth. It doesn’t require tremendous sacrifice. It simply requires planning.

Resource Center

How much will that new car really cost you? Can you afford that dream home? How much should you be saving every year for retirement?

Financial Fitness Association members have access to several easy-to-use online calculators that allow you to:

  • Run amortization schedules to see how much your mortgage will really cost
  • Compare different interest rates
  • Calculate compounded returns on your savings
  • Determine how long it will take to pay off a credit card
  • See how much you should be saving for college
  • and many more.
Armed with real numbers, you’ll avoid unpleasant surprises, know exactly where you stand, and know exactly what you can afford.

Special Discounts

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