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How Does Inflation Impact Your Finances?

For the past several years, inflation has been under control. The overall rate of inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index has been averaging less than 3% in recent years. For 2014, the rate of inflation was 1.3%. However, the prices of some items, such as food and energy, increased at a much higher…
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Make Your Money Work For You

Your money is an asset, and it should work hard for you in the same way you work hard to earn it.  While this may sound very general, there are three components of putting your money to work that you should pay particular attention to: Put as much money as you can to work as…
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Have a Financial Strategy

A financial strategy is simply a plan on how you are going to handle your finances. It does not have to be overly complicated, but it should cover the basics, help you avoid major financial mistakes and put you on your way to a secure financial future. Your strategy and your financial situation will change…
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Tip: Use a shopping list to avoid impulse buying and spending.

Tip: Spend less than you earn.

Tip: Learn the power of compounding interest.

Tip: Take measures to prevent identity theft and recognize fraud.

Tip: Learn where to turn for information, advice, and help.

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