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Maximizing Retirement Plan Contributions for Small Businesses

Along with making money with their business, most small business owners also try to minimize income taxes and grow their wealth. Qualified retirement plans present an excellent opportunity to accomplish these last two objectives. While the rules for retirement plans can be confusing and you may want to consult qualified tax and investment advisors, here are some guidelines that can prepare you for those conversations.
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Inventory Your Belongings

One of the most important things you can do to protect your belongings is to know what you have.  You probably have a homeowners or renters insurance policy that will pay to have your household items replaced if they are stolen, lost or damaged.  However, few individuals take the time to adequately prepare a listing of those items.  If there is a fire, flood or theft, having an inventory is essential in making an insurance claim.
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Establishing Good Financial Habits

We all tend to develop habits that provide a rhythm or structure to our daily lives.  Once these habits are developed, they can be hard to break.  Building good financial habits can provide a rhythm, or sense of control, for your financial life.  Here are ten good financial habits that can help you build a sound financial foundation and help you reach all your financial goals:
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