Issues Facing Parents

Financial Factoids: Issues for Parents

Automatic Savings Plans to Fund College The costs of attending college are high and they keep growing. Transferring $250 each month to a child’s custodial account will accumulate to almost…
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Having Children and Money

Having a child is a major event in your family and for your finances. In 2013, the US Department of Agriculture estimated that the cost of raising a child from birth to age 18 was over $241,000, excluding the costs of college.

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Talking to Young Children About Money

In many families, talking about money can be difficult, and in some cases, almost taboo.  Difficulties of talking to children about money include: Parents of young children often find themselves…
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Custodial Accounts for Children

Because individuals must be of legal age to own property, many parents use custodial accounts as ways for moving funds and assets into their children’s names. The concept of custodial…
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College Funding Options

The 2001 Tax Act made it easier to save taxes while saving more for a child’s (or grandchild’s) college education. If a college education in the future for someone in your family, you need to understand the new opportunities.

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